A background in the arts has helped me step back and take in the whole person when I’m doing someone’s makeup. I see what’s distinctive about them.

Weddings are a milestone and Kayce understands that readying a bride isn’t just about making her look beautiful, it’s about being steady, caring, flexible and present. According to those who’ve worked with her, no one listens better, observes more, provides comfort, space and care better than Kayce. 

When all the bridesmaids are finished and have left the room, and the noise and excitement they bring is gone, you can see the emotion of the bride even more and Kayce is still there. Her techniques are flawless, but it’s her particular way of listening and being attentive that people remember long after the day.

“My job is to make brides look exactly the way they dreamed they would. Some brides want a run-through to see if their plans will work for their face, veil, hair accessories, dress and theme. Others will bring photos and we’ll make it happen on the day. I just want them to look and feel beautiful.”